Aliens I (2021)



With the development of communication technologies and the recent health situation, the establishment of “social distancing” as a norm seems to be obvious everywhere. We specifically experience it in our social life, where we have become cautious for ourselves and the others when we are not in isolation, or in our employment, where we are encouraged to work from home if possible.

This leads to an alienation from both our work and co-workers but it also creates a new type of work-related alienation. The alienation from our private homes. Our private space is now the space we work. Convenient at times, but consuming as well.

ALIENS I is the predecessor for ALIENS II and it is the first piece I have written inspired by this new dynamic which seems to have come to stay. The musicians communicate using a video-conference-call platform to navigate through the music and their behaviour is controlled, rewarded or punished.

Through the duration of the piece two main sound-worlds compete. The music that is generated by the musicians’ intention and the one that comes from the technology used.

Written for Vertixe Sonora, by commission of Festival Mixtur and the Ulysses Platform